The term Cogeneration or “CHP” identifies the contemporary production and consumption of various forms of secondary energy (electricity and / or mechanical energy and thermal energy) from a single source (both fossil and renewable) implemented in a single integrated system.

Cogeneration plants are therefore based on a very simple principle: during the process of producing electricity, is also produced heat that dissipates into the surrounding environment. A co-generator, instead, captures and accumulates this heat and uses it for the supply of hot water, steam and heating.

In the broader concept of cogeneration also includes two specific cases: the "tri" which involves the simultaneous production of mechanical energy (electricity), heating and cooling using a single fuel (eg natural gas, diesel, biodiesel and biomass) and the "micro -cogeneration "for individual homes / multi-family or small office buildings.

Benefits of CHP:
  • Primary energy savings in the order of 35/40%, reducing energy costs;
  • Protection of the environment, emitting into the atmosphere over a million tons of carbon dioxide less;
  • Resetting the heat distribution losses (used locally);
  • Resetting the distribution losses in the electric energy (poured directly into the low voltage lines);
  • Limitation of voltage drops on the lines end-users;
  • Limiting the laying of underground power lines or pylons for the same results;
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance;
  • Economic incentives, even for investment purposes;
  • short payback period of the cogeneration plant.

Fields of application:
Vantaggi della cogenerazione:
  • Agribusiness
  • Industrial;
  • Health care
  • Sports & Wellness;
  • Hotel & Spa;
  • Residential / District Heating

Daga Group, in addition to studying tailored solutions integrated into the host structure, has designed a compact modular structure made of prefabricated workshop within a skid that meets all the legal requirements for sizes up to 1 MWe.

For more information, request our brochure for cogeneration:

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