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The DAGA, thanks to the experience of its managers, is able to assist businesses and identify the best solutions for all aspects from design, to financial and legal issues. We are involved in construction and management of complex projects, including project financing.

Project Finance is generally applied in the oil, energy, infrastructure (highways, bridges, tunnels, railways), utilities (electricity sector, environmental, water) and telecommunications. Our team, in collaboration with iFinance, is able to provide global support for the development of the project alongside the sponsors at various stages:

  • preparation of the feasibility study financial reporting;
  • determining the financial needs
  • identification of funding sources;
  • development of financial strategies; 
 and. development of financial models;
  • Sensitivity analyzes;
  • preparing the information memorandum for potential donors;
  • evaluating proposals for funding;
  • Due diligence and legal assistance at all stages of negotiation.
  • negotiating the terms of the debt and the coordination of the financial closing;

In its network of partners and consultants can also count the DAGA relationships with leading banks, investment funds, family offices and industrial investors.

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