Daga Group was born thanks to the 30 year experience of its Founder, Antonio Petrone, In the field of civil and industrial plan design, in the construction industry and in the field of technological innovation. .

The parent company, the DAGA Impianti Srl was born in 1993, and throughout the years evolved in more and more international optic, entering new fields as well as the core buisness

Today, thanks to our network, partnerships and joint ventures oversees the group is present in the EU, the Area MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are now able to integrate under a single brand technology, equipment, construction and related services (design and engineering, global service, project management, procurement and counseling), as well as activities of commodity trading, brokerage and foreign projects.

The high specialization of human resources and the dynamism of a team composed by the right mix of experience and young and motivated, make the Daga Group a pioneer in the relevant areas and ready to face the new challenges of a global market characterized by flexibility strong competition and rapid changes.