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Facility Management is a essential for proper property management. It Represents the integrated management of all support services to the activities of a business, public administration, health facility and so on.

Operate in the management of services for the customer means concentrating resources on their core business, cost optimization of the management of facilities and infrastructure, streamlining processes and cost optimization; implementation of management programs for energy efficiency and reducing consumption.

Daga Group operating for over 10 years in the field of facility management for public and private facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, government buildings and military barracks, as well as large corporate facilities, residential complexes:

  • Services relating to the building / infrastructure: building and plant maintenance;
  • Services of air conditioning environment: energy management and maintenance service;
  • Services related to space and work environment, such as cleaning and environmental hygiene, cleaning and maintenance of green areas and gray, furniture, machinery, equipment;
  • Services to people, such as health and safety, but also hospitality services;
  • Services related to the organization of information and communication technology and logistics;
  • Services of so-called technical government: technical management and management consultancy services.

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