In order to provide 'global' solutions to our customers, the Daga Group has diversified its activities surrounding itself with experienced staff and partners in all activities complementary to the core business of the company.

Daga Group’s solutions integrate and complement a wide range of services designed to complete and adapt the offer according to the different needs of customers

  • Facility Management

    Facility Management is a essential for proper property management. It Represents the integrated management of all support services to the activities of a business, public administration, health facility and so on.

  • Global Service

    The global service for real estate maintenance can be defined as a complete service for the management and maintenance of the technologies at the service of the real estate.

  • Engineering

    Daga Group has the design, development and engineering in a single office at the headquarters in Rome, able to develop all phases of the process at different stages and in different sectors:

  • Legal and Financial Advice

    The DAGA, thanks to the experience of its managers, is able to assist businesses and identify the best solutions for all aspects from design, to financial and legal issues. We are involved in construction and management of complex projects, including project financing.

  • Internationalization

    The consulting division of the Daga Group provides support for internationalization through the established network of partners and professionals that revolve around the company.

  • Project Management

    Daga Group develops and manages complex projects including outsourcing and infrastructure projects by integrating the classical methods of project management with experience in the field,

  • Procurement

    In an increasingly uncertain market environment and flexible supply management and procurement, it becomes one of the main levers for improving the efficiency and cost saving business. Rationalize becomes more important than "cut spending."

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