In the branch of gathering, treatment, distribution and depuration of civial and industrial water we offer a set of information services, that include studies of technical and economical feasibility and evaluation of environmental impact, to reach design, supply, construction and assembling, as well as the launch and management of the system “all inclusive”. .

In the case of facilities, corporations, communities not connected to the sewage plant or industrial park that require an independent exhaust system, we design and construct purification machinery of wastewaters ad hoc, according to legislation in force, to avoid dispersion of harmful substances deriving industrial manufacturing or normal civic consumption in the environment.

    The main machineries are:
  • • Oil separators
  • • Rainwater harvesting tanks, and rainwater retrive;
  • • Activated sludge purifier, chemical-physical or multiple steps;
  • • Plant to make water drinkable;

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