Water & Wast

DAGA supplies integrated solution for the treatment of water, using the most modern technologies available on the market regarding depuration, making water drinkable, desalination, and the treatment of civil and industrial waters. .

DAGA possess a team of qualified engineers who master the know-how specic to realize preliminary studies of feasibility, planning, design, management, revamping and regulatory updates of pre-existing implants, and realization “all inclusive” of complete implants for:

  • Urban and Industrial Waste Water Treatment

    In the branch of gathering, treatment, distribution and depuration of civial and industrial water we offer a set of information services, that include studies of technical and economical feasibility
  • Plumbing and Sewage

    The Daga Group designs, builds and provides global services for all types of water systems and waste through the use of multi-layer systems certificates that guarantee high quality standards for reliability.
  • Desalination Plants

    A desalination plant is a construction capable of running the desalination process, ie the process of removing salt from salt water molecules, and from sea water.
  • W.E.E.E.

    Daga Group has an expertise in the treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (W.E.E.E.) from which we can recuperate a number of materials (the main ones are: copper, iron, steel , aluminum, glass, silver, gold, lead, and mercury).

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